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what equine massage therapy can do for your horse

Equine bodywork has an array of benefits. Beyond simply feeling good, it can help your horse achieve a greater range of motion, better posture, reduce stress, improve proprioception, reduce risk of injury, and much more. By taking our time to listen to each horse individually, we tailor each experience to your horse’s specific need. No two sessions look exactly alike. Our focus is on improving the quality of life for every horse we serve. 

Work with the best

We provide massage therapy sessions to horses of all shapes, sizes, and disciplines! This could be for competition horses such as hunter jumpers, barrel racers, and cutting horses as well as retired pasture pets. North Georgia Equine Massage and Bodywork also provides kinesiology taping and craniosacral therapy. Soon to come will also be PEMF therapy.

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//What to expect

Upon arrival, we will go over your horse's history. We will discuss any questions or concerns you have regarding the session or your horse's health. Please understand that bodywork is not a substitute for medical care. We recommend consulting with your veterinarian to make sure massage and bodywork is right for your horse. 

Each session will be unique, as it will be tailored to the needs of the horse at that time. After, I will send you an overview of where I found points of tension and notes on my observations as well as what we worked on during the session. Each session should take approximately 60 minutes. 

// preparing for your session

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