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How to Prevent Equine Back Pain

Helping your horse avoid back pain is an important part of ensuring their physical and mental well-being. Here are some of the best tips for preventing equine back pain.

Proper Saddle Fit

An ill-fitting saddle has the potential to cause sores and place intense, erratic pressure across your horse’s back. Over time, this can lead to muscle atrophy, which typically requires extensive rehabilitative work to correct.

Ensuring that you are using a well-fitting saddle helps your horse avoid pain or discomfort and enables range of motion, allowing them to perform (and feel) their best.

Strengthening Exercises

Consistently working your horse with proper riding or lunge technique encourages core engagement and helps immensely with muscle stabilization and strengthening.

A strong and healthy back protects your horse against future injuries and typically guarantees minimal ongoing maintenance.

Equine Massage Therapy and Bodywork

Equine massage and bodywork improves circulation, muscle tone, and flexibility. These methods of therapy provide your horse with a better range of motion, helping them eliminate pre-existing back pain and limiting the chance of injuries in the future.

In addition to keeping your gentle giant feeling physically great, equine massage and bodywork are excellent ways to relieve stress or anxiety, improve sleep, and provide overall relaxation. Bodywork helps correct poor posture to keep your horse performing at his or her best.

Best Equine Massage Therapy in North Georgia

North Georgia Equine Massage and Bodywork is proud to provide comprehensive and top-tier equine bodywork services. From basic massages to craniosacral therapy, kinesiology taping and more, we are here to help you keep your horse feeling great.

For more information about our North Georgia mobile equine massage services, give us a call at 678-602-9873.

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